About Anawim Spaces

Anawim Spaces is Bobby Whisman, principal, Sarah Whisman, who handles the business end, and Bob Whisman, Sr, who serves as consultant and partner. They work together to bring the adventure of Anawim Spaces to life!

Anawim Spaces was birthed in 2009 but is really the life long vision of Bobby Whisman’s passion to create spaces for community, family, and purposeful living. Anawim comes from the Hebrew phrase “Faithful Remnant,” and through this Biblical tradition, Bobby formed the ethos for a company that is faithful to the way craftsmanship was done in the past: with integrity, hope, and vision. The oldest of five children and the son of a lifelong craftsman, Bobby grew up repairing and renovating houses with his family. 

Bobby is an artisan passionate about bringing people’s dreams for their homes to life, and offering an experienced set of eyes to create living spaces and handcrafted furniture that represent the unique character and story behind his customers’ lives. Using rare craftsmanship with a bent toward rustic furniture and Craftsman designs, Anawim creates spaces which Bobby describes “allow living to happen.” Through remodeling, restoration, outdoor living solutions, and custom woodwork, Anawim Spaces brings an unmatched commitment to craftsmanship and vision to your home improvement project.

Anawim Spaces is Licensed, Bonded and Insured